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Family History

Joseph Adeṣiji Oyegbọla married Gladys Fọlake Ọlọpade in Agọ-Ijaye Methodist Church Ebute-mẹta. The newly formed family unit made their home in Ebute-mẹta and have their first child, the child was a boy and was named Babatunde Adeyẹmọ Oyegbọla. The family then moved to Ibadan in 1961.


While in Ibadan, Ade Adejumọbi Oyegbọla was born. The family now three males and only one female, needed a daughter so it was nice that Aderonkẹ Ireti Oyegbọla was born as the thrid child and first daughter. Subsequently, another boy Adeyẹmi Oyegbọla was born. Shortly, thereafter another girl joined the family approriately named Funmilayọ Oyegbọla.


In search of better life the Oyegbọla family moved to Ikẹja in 1969. While in Ikẹja, the family grew to include the births of Fadekẹmi Oyegbọla, Adekunle Oyegbọla, and the fabulus crowning jewels the twins appropriately named Taiwo Oyegbọla and Kẹhinde Oyegbọla.


The Oyegbọla Family is now created and firmly rooted in Ikẹja, check out other pages to follow the Oyegbọla family tree as it continue to grow and grow and grow.